Hello, I’m Cassidy

I’m a professional CSS Programmer, UI Builder, Web Weaver, Full-Stack Developer, Web Software Worker, Failed Designer, and maybe a few other made-up titles! Perpetually and proudly a noob at web dev and life, I try to stay curious, but like most people, I often get stuck in the rut of what I think I know. Balance, I guess? Anyway! Thank you for reading my ramblings and welcome to my little digital garden where I water my prickly projects and feed my creative brain worms.

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Modify Slot Children in Astro

Iteratively process and modify Astro component children

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a typical Chicago apartment building with the wooden staircase in the back is basked in the evening sun. In the foreground a power pole stands with electrical wires running off of it in all directions a person stands in the middle of a crosswalk large round planter on a sidewalk in front of a brick building. It's wrapped in bright orange mesh and the sidewalk below appears wet from a recent watering a pedestrian tunnel with an arched roof through a large bridge that spans a river on the right. There's a fence on the right between the sidewalk and the river. a construction site lies in front of two elevated Chicago L tracks Two large bushes on the side of a road have large textile decals of eyes and mouths with pointy

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Illustration of prickly pear cactus